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  • Vision and Mission

    We generate and use renewable energies - together and independently


    Our goal is to connect people in cooperatives in Poland for creating an energy revolution. We generate and use energy from natural ressources. We share our knowledge and invest together. A network of wind, solar, biogas and other renewable energy installations will be shared by all cooperative members. Blockchain and information technology will make traditional utilities obsolete. Electricity from renewables will not only be used for electric demand but it will also help to heat houses and drive cars and trucks. Fossile ressources will not be burned and heat up our worlds climate. Dangerous nuclear power will not be needed. Without big centralized energies there will be no need for big energy companies that impose their will to the society. We will create a "democratic" energy supply, owned by local groups and societies. 100% earth friendly!

  • About


    Since 1998 KESCO energy develops renewable energy projects, such as


    - 50 MW CSP Solar Power Plant "Soluz", Spain

    - Windfarms in Poland and France

    - EU project "European Energy Award"

    - Biomass Heat Plant "Heizwerk Spreeknie" in Berlin

    - EU Project "Polish Energy Bus"

  • The actual project


    Creating a Co-ooperative for 100% Renewable Energy


    Our cooperative PowerKooP shall be the Katalysator for the creation of many local renewable energy initiatives.


    - 100% environment and people friendly energy

    - Think global, act local - PowerKooP shall be an European Cooperative based in Poland, the first Societas Cooperativa Europaea (SCE) for renewable energy!

    - We support the creation of local initiatives and cooperatives for the decentralized supply with green energy

    - Participation of local inhabitants will be the key factor for success

    - Our members sell green energy to each other with the support of our organisation

    - PowerKooP supports members so that they get access to energy grids on equal and frees of discrimination principles

    - PowerKooP is strictly democratic, each member has one vote

    - PowerKooP will invest in local smart grids and creation of local renewable energy clusters

    Poland supports "Energy Clusters"

    Energy Clusters may be created on 110 kV power line level. The government has published a tender for the first three demonstration projects.
  • Location

    Ul. Morska 10, 75-221 Koszalin, Polska

    tel: +49 171 543 08 07

    email: contact@kescoenergy.eu

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